Thursday, February 9, 2012

tiny dancer

i remember when i first found out i was having a daughter, i was thrilled.  a little princess i could dress up and go shopping with, and share secrets with.... and in my case, i was also happy that i'd be able to teach her to lay down a good bunt and shoot free throws just like i did.
however, as mckenna has started to become her own little self, it has become clear that she is not the super star athlete i had hoped she'd be.  don't get me wrong, she is a super star, no doubt.  but she has zero interest in playing softball or basketball or any sport for that matter.  "those are for boys" she says.  at first, i struggled with it because i so badly wanted to coach her in something, anything.  but as time went on and i started to see how much joy she got out of acting, dancing, singing and performing, i realized that it isn't about what i want her to be.  this is up to her.  and it's my job to encourage, nourish, and support whatever it is she chooses to do.
 how on earth i created such an artistic little thespian is beyond me.  every day i watch her and am amazed at the imagination and creativity that flows from her little brain.  she loves to put on plays (in which she is the set designer, producer, director, and of course star of the show), write music, play the guitar, and play dress up.   i'm posting some pics of her in her jazz dance class.  each week she smiles from ear to ear the entire time she's there.  it makes me happy from the inside out to know that she is doing what she loves.  i can see her name in lights someday, and i just hope she scores her momma some good seats for the show : )

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