Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello Again

When I started this blog, I thought I'd be posting every day.  Boy was I wrong.  I figured it would be theraputic to release my stress by writing on my blog each night....But now here we are, halfway through January and I've written once or twice.  There is just no time!
The new year has gotten off to a fast start for us.  I've been busy with my photography, finishing up my first wedding shoot, getting McKenna and Michael back into our routine, and prepping for Gary to head to Pensacola.  We are heading there this weekend for about 4 days to find him an apartment.  Kind of weird to be apartment hunting for your husband when you are in a perfectly happy marriage....But, this is the hand we've been dealt and now it's time to move forward.  I'm hoping that by visiting the area where he's going to be, I'll be able to get my head around it and accept the change a little better.
This weekend will be the first time I've been away from my little ones for more than a night.  Well, actually, I was in Ireland for 10 days when McKenna was 1 but that's it.  Never been away from my little man.  Not sure what I'll do without hearing them say "Mommy!" first thing every morning or Michael say "I love you sweet Mommy" each night at bedtime.  I won't have to pack lunch or play with Toy Story action figures or chase them around our "loop" in the kitchen. What on Earth will I do with myself?!  What will I watch on tv if I'm not watching Nick Jr.  ?
I'm grateful to have parents that are willing and able to keep the kids for us.  They are beyond excited to spend 5 days with MawMaw and Pappy.  In fact, I'm wondering if they'll want to come home when I get back....I'm sure they'll have lots of fun and do all the cool things that they don't usually get to do at home...That's what grandparents are for, afterall, right?!  My kids are so lucky. They hit the "grandparent lotto" with my parents.  I hope someday I can be as good to my grandkids as they are to mine.
Tonight, the four of us spent some time out in the backyard before dinner was ready.  Just goofing around while I took some pictures.  I know Gary's only going to be gone for a short time, but right now, it seems like forever.  I just want to hold on to the moments that he is here now, and bottle them up so that when I miss him, I can take them each out and remember.  Remember how good of a daddy he is and remember that he is my rock and together, we can get through this.
Here are some of my "moments" from tonight...

McKenna is such a joy.  She smiles and my heart is happy.

Okay I admit it.  He has me wrapped around his finger....

Whaddup? !

Hangin' by her toes, she is so proud that she can do this now.

I'm beginning to see more and more of these eye rolls....Hmmm...Not sure how I feel about this.

A rare photo with mommy : )

I love this picture....He is the good in our life.


Jackie Ryan said...

Very emotional week for all of us for different reasons. Maybe that's why your blog made me cry or maybe I'm just getting more like Dad and Gary and crying at the drop of a hat. Looking forward to our time with the kids and wondering how I will feel come Tuesday. (ha ha) Strong marriages survive and thrive through tough times. It's going to be an adventure for all of you and it's going to give all of you a chance to get to know some of Gary's family better. Remember what I've always said to you,"your glass can be half full or half empty". I think you've learned that seeing it half full is much better! Love you!

Glenda Collins said...

If it were two other people I might be worried, but not you two! This will just make your time together even more special. Thank goodness for cell phones, skype (SP?) and love!

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