Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012....Changes, Challenges, and even the chills!

Well, here we are.  2012.  hard to believe, isn't it?  the new year is upon us, and for the Slater family it means big changes.
Some of you already know this, but for those who don't....we found out in late December that Gary's job is going to be taking him to work in Pensacola for much of the coming year.  He'll be leaving in a week or two and will be living there until the end of September.  His company will fly him home once a month for weekend visits, and I'm sure we'll both be making the 8 hour drive there and back often...While it does have some advantages for Gary in his career, it's going to be a pretty big adjustment for the kids and I.  We are used to having Daddy there every night for dinner and bath and bedtime and playtime, and when I think about him being gone, I just can't get my head around it.  I miss him already and he hasn't even left yet.
They say that God only gives you what you can handle, so I'm trying to have faith in Him and trust that He knows best.  For now, we are just asking for prayers for our family to adjust to the change and we are trying to do as much as we can to make this easy for the kids.  McKenna is looking forward to visiting Daddy at a new beach and seeing a part of Florida we've never been to.  Gary and I have a strong marriage and a healthy relationship and  I know we'll get through it.  But still, sending some positive thoughts our way couldn't hurt, so thank you in advance!!!  I read a quote the other day that spoke to me and what we're going through.  It went like this..."Sometimes good things fall apart so that even better things can fall into place."  That's the way I'm trying to look at this and so far, so good.

Ok enough about that and on to a lighter topic...It's winter in Florida.  Last night we actually had our coldest temps so far!  We were below freezing in some areas around here and I even got some pics of the ice on our grass.  Crazy!  One of my most favorite things to see when it gets cold here is the way that people cover up their plants and bushes with blankets so they don't die when it dips below freezing.  Driving down our street you can see house after house with comforters and sheets covering all of their landscaping.  It's quite a sight.  The first winter we lived here, I remember telling Gary, "You should see our neighbors yard, they have their laundry hanging out to dry all over the front yard."  He just laughed at me and explained that people here try to keep their stuff from being killed by the cold.  And now, 4 years later, as I sit here typing this, we have blankets covering our orange tree out back!
McKenna keeps asking if it's going to snow, and it breaks her heart when I tell her, "probably not."  For now, she'll just have to settle for the fake snow we see at Disney World  : )  This morning for school she wore three layers: a winter coat, a hat, gloves, and a scarf and was still complaining of being cold.  Good thing the winter here only lasts about a week.  Back in the low 70's this weekend and we'll be headed outdoors somewhere to enjoy the gorgeous, cooler, weather.  Because in a few months, we'll be begging for lower temperatures and a breeze to cool us off...

Michael wearing his winter hat for the first time this year : )

A house down the street has their bushes out front covered up.  This is what every house looks like on my street. 
Our precious orange tree from Gary's mom....Hoping it survives...

ICE!!!!!!!  it was on our grass this morning.


jana said...
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jackie ryan said...

You are much stronger than you realize and I know there will be many positives that come from this experience. Dad and i will be there to help out and you know how fast the time goes. I look forward to visiting Gary there and like McKenna I would like to explore a new beach. Hopefully you can all go there this summer while she is out of school and get to know the panhandle! This may not be the way you thought things were going to be, but if things were always what we thought it would just be boring! Let's focus on the excitement of new experiences that will come from this! Love you.

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