Monday, December 19, 2011

Fa la la la la....

I love Christmas.  Everything about it.  I love the smells, the sounds, and the sights.  I love giving gifts, baking cookies, and being with my loved ones.  This whole month has been filled with fun things to do and memories that will last us a lifetime.

This past week had it's ups and downs, for sure.  But I'm choosing to only write about the good stuff.  Because truthfully, that's what matters.  The kids have survived the flu, we have presents to put under the tree, food to put in our bellies, and a pretty nice roof up over our heads.  So really, how can we complain?!  We can't and we won't.  We are blessed.

After starting the weekend with gingerbread house making at my mom and dad's, Gary and I then went to our first "Ugly Sweater Christmas Party" and had a blast.  My dad was the d.j. and as usual, he rocked it.  We had a few too many beers and stayed out a little too late, but oh well...we don't get to do it that often....Good times with great friends.

Yesterday we celebrated my sister in law, Sara's, college graduation.  We like to call her "Smidge" because quite frankly, she is  just a teeny tiny little thing.  Seems like yesterday when I met her for the first time.  She was so young and so sweet.  I always thought she was a perfect match for my brother.  And now, here they are, years later, with sweet little Harmony to complete them. It's a beautiful thing.  I treasure the time we get to hang out with them because it doesn't happen as often as we'd like.  Even though we're only 2 hours away from one another, life always seems to get in the way.  Spending yesterday at their house, watching the kids play, telling stories, laughing with each other, and celebrating Sara's accomplishment puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart.  Great, great way to end the weekend.  

Christmas is only 6 days away.  I'm so excited for it, I can hardly stand it.  Today my mom and I baked cookies with McKenna and Michael.  After a rough start with some tricky Oreos, the day was a success overall.  I ended up covered in flour, my floor had a layer of sprinkles on it about 2 inches deep, and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.  Not to mention I have about 10 dozen cookies and sweet treats stocked in my fridge.  Yay! 

We finished tonight off by taking my parents out to dinner as a thank you for all the help they've given us lately.  I can say with 100% certainty that we'd be lost without them.  Whenever we need something, they are there.  Whether it's good or bad, they don't question.  They're just there.  I love that I can count on them and I am so grateful every single day that God chose me to be their daughter.  I'm a lucky girl : )

Tonight I will go to bed knowing that I am part of a family that is full of love and compassion.  Thank you all of you for being so special to me and for being there when I need you the most.  xoxo

after the oreo fiasco, we deserved a beer : )
this is always the best part of baking, isn't it?!

My mom's original Betty Crocker Cookbook....She's had it for as long as I can ever remember.  It's barely hanging on...

mom and mckenna mixing the dough for pecan balls, my grandma's specialty : )

my dad left work early to come help us....what a good pappy!

michael loved the decorating part...

being silly with pappy

you may be able to see the cookie under the layers and layers of sprinkles....


Devon Ryan said...

My mom has that cookbook! She got me one for Christmas this year, so I stop begging for hers!! :)

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