Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So much for the flu shot...

As many of you already know, my little Michael has had a very rough couple of days.  What I thought was croup ended up being influenza a.  Poor thing ended his weekend with nothing but barking coughs and gasps for air, not to mention a consistent fever near 103, no appetite, and a complete lack of energy.  This is particularly frustrating considering I took all of us to get flu shots this year.  I know, i know, it isn't guaranteed to protect you from it 100%, so spare me the lecture.  But....I would've done anything to just trade places with him.  It is a truly awful thing to see your little ones hurt and not be able to help them.  At the dr. on Monday morning, he was at his worst and there was nothing I could do to make it better.  I wanted to cry.  In fact, I did cry.  The dr. told me he would be ok, and she was right, he was.  But in that moment, I couldn't help it.  I wanted it to be me instead of him.
After a day of breathing treatments, steroids, tamiflu, and ibuprofren, he was feeling significantly better.  His fever broke, and he was back to smiling and talking, and sitting up.  Still not eating, but hey, it was an improvement.  I could see little glimpses of my funny little dude every once in a while and I began to relax a little.  Today, although very whiney (is that even a word?), he is better still.  Coughing a little and tired, but almost back to normal. Oh the power of antibiotics.
So now, we wait.  Wait to see if anyone else in our house falls victim to this nasty flu.  Although McKenna is showing signs of being sick, she doesn't seem to be near as misersable as Michael was and hasn't had a fever yet.  We go back to the dr. in the morning, and I'm going to have her checked out just in case....She went to bed tonight complaining of a stuffy nose and headache, so we'll see and we'll pray for good health.  Afterall, it's no fun to be sick at Christmas....

                                             This was Michael on Sunday, when it all began.

             At the dr.'s office Monday morning, waiting to be seen...His condition got progressively worse              while we were in the waiting room.

By the time we were called back, the nurse immediately hooked him up to the breathing machine and called for the dr.  He was pretty much incoherent through the treatment, and was struggling to get his breath.  We waited about 15 minutes and they checked his oxygen to see if it had improved.

This was McKenna at bedtime.  Asleep on the couch with a headache and stuffy nose.  Keeping a close eye on her before going to the dr. tomorrow.  STAY AWAY FLU : (


jackie said...

It's so hard to see your kids sick. You feel helpless. And it doesn't seem fair that he got a flu shot and still got the flu! Hopefully Mac won't get it and they can both be healthy for Christmas. (let's hope that you & Gary don't either!)
Love the blog and think it's a great way tp communicate with family and friends. I've been missing home lately. I'm sure it's the holidays.
I'm looking forward to spending Sunday celebrating Sara's graduation and being with all the ones I love the most so get those kids well! :)

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